Artist’s statement

I see jewelry as an ornamental way of extending personal self-expression. My jewelry designs are elegant yet unassuming. They have a soft and delicate appearance but are intended for any occasion and can be worn every day.

Most of my current jewelry collection combines sterling silver with keshi pearls, and some pieces also feature semi-precious stones. My goal when making a piece of jewelry is to accentuate the natural beauty of the keshi pearl. I use the silver minimally, simply as a way of connecting the pearls, consequently allowing each pearl to make its own statement.

My recent collection of sterling silver boxes leads me down a path of exploration into the seduction and secrecy of the unknown. It is hard to resist finding out how a box works and what might be inside. Ultimately the owner of each box will decide on its use, but I find myself asking “what is it that we collect and treasure” and “why”?

I invite you explore my collections check back regularly – I am always creating new pieces.