Keshi pearls
Keshi pearl collection

I am drawn to the natural beauty of the keshi pearl. Keshi pearls are formed accidentally usually outside the oyster and unlike the classic pearls, they have no nucleus. Keshi pearls are harvested as a by-product of classic pearl cultivation.

Creating neat and simple pieces, I maintain the individuality of each pearl. Usually choosing a neutral color palette, I sometimes incorporate other semi-precious stones to compliment the pearls.

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Silver boxes
Silver box collection

Creating this collection of sterling silver boxes has taken me on a new path in metalsmithing. Boxes can be used for almost anything and whilst I may entertain an idea of how each one might be used, its owner will know what the box means to them and will choose how they will use it.

Each box is entirely hand-fabricated and represents a unique creative journey and many hours of work and contemplation. I finish each one with a sense of pride and accomplishment – I hope you enjoy your box as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

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